Production of Wood-based Indstrial and Transfportation Packaging Solutions​

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Heavy or large-scale goods and equipment are customarily packaged in wood-based packaging solutions.

Royalpack has outstanding knowledge about wood-based industrial and transportation packaging solutions. Our packaging solutions provide adequate answer to the individual and customary packaging needs of the most various industries.

Our solutions

Customized and standard pallets

We have gained substantial expertise in connection with the production of customized and standard pallets for the transportation and warehousing of products of the engineering industry, the automotive industry, the electronics industry, the health industry, the food industry, the trade and a number of other industries.

Cost arising out of or in connection with the production, warehousing and logistics matters can be significantly reduced through customized pallets because they may be utilized pursuant to the specific needs and circumstances of the clients during the moving and storage of semi-finished products, as well as the storage and transport of finished products.

Our one-way pallets might be cost-efficient solutions for a variety of logistics challenges. Our returnable pallets may address the transportation and warehousing needs on the long term.

Royalpack may produce the pallets of heat-treated and dried spruce or pine, plywood and OSB, as well as any combination of the foregoing even in extra-sized and special constructions.

Pallet collars

We may produce pallet collars of heat-treated and dried spruce or pine which can be fully-customized to be stackable, foldable and returnable. The pallet collars may also be equipped with galvanized hinges upon request.

Our customized pallets may be easily combined with the corrugated paper or corrugated plastics sleeves, covers or other packaging solutions produced by StancPack Group.

Wooden cases, crates, containers and boxes

We provide wooden cases, crates, containers and boxes in a range of size, composition and resistance to address a wide range of packaging needs.

Our wooden cases, crates, containers and boxes are primarily used for the packaging of heavy goods and equipment but may also be sufficient for lightweight or otherwise large-scale consignment, as well as dangerous goods or products of high-value.

These packaging products and solutions may be available of heat-treated and dried spruce or pine, plywood and OSB, as well as any combination of the foregoing which might also be supplemented with corrugated paper and corrugated plastics, or labelled and customized with various compartments, paddings, locks, bands, Velcro-type fasteners and other individual solutions.

We ensure through internal separators, as well as different compartments, foams, foils, bends and other padding materials that the products be installed in the packaging in a space-saving manner and could be safely transported. The protective breakers and padding materials may protect fragile and charging electronic products during their transportation and storage.

Royalpack’s professionals design these packaging products and solutions in such a way that they can be moved and loaded with machinery.

Our packaging solutions are equally sufficient for road, rail, maritime and air transport purposes.

Pellet production and sales

The sawdust originating from our operations is compressed into pellet and sold as environmental-friendly fuel. The pellet combines superior efficiency with considerably less impact on the environment. Both industrial and retail clients may benefit from the unique features of pellet which cost efficient and natural source of energy.


Royalpack undertakes to perform woodworks on beams, particle boards, planks and other timber. We may perform the cutting of sawn timber to appropriate size and length, as well as certain CNC-technology woodworks.

Please visit our intra-group affiliated company StancPack if you are looking for corrugated paper or corrugated plastics industrial packaging solutions!