Royalpack is proud to serve its clients with unique infrastructure in Hungary.

Our manufacturing plants with state-of-art technology extend to 3,700 nm. Our operations are supported by some 2,500 nm covered storage capacity. Royalpack is servicing its clients from its headquarters in Budapest and its production site in Győr. Both the production site in Budapest and the branch in Győr benefit from excellent transport connections. We use only renewable energy in our production site in Budapest. We have outstanding amount of constant stocks in our warehouses.

Royalpack is equipped with all assets and facilities which guarantees for us that we can provide one-stop-shop services to our clients from design to warehousing and transport of goods:

The wooden raw material is heat-treated and dried pursuant to the international standards in our drying chambers of uniquely huge capacity.

We have all assets necessary for the production of wooden-based packaging products, including but not limited to state-of-art sawing machinery, sheet cutting machinery, CNC molding machinery, woodworking machines, nailing machines, painting and labeling machines, automatic cutting machinery, abrasive tools, strapping machines and cold press machine.

We employ robots for the rapid, precise and automatic production of the high volume products.

The raw materials and finished goods are moved and forwarded with modern forklifts.

Our own fleet of trucks from van to semi-trailers ensures that the packaging products be actually available for the client upon request, including time gate shipment.

Our well-experienced team of designers supported by appropriate software help the implementation of the client requests and find the best possible construction for the packaging products.

We are proud that our clients include well-known multinational and Hungarian companies from all over the country and the region.

Please visit our intra-group affiliated company StancPack if you are looking for corrugated paper or corrugated plastics industrial packaging solutions!