Royalpack is a leading Hungarian packaging company in connection with wood-based industrial packaging solutions.
Our professionals are capable of providing standard and customized wood-based industrial and transportation packaging solutions to the partners of Royalpack. We undertake to conduct on-site packaging services upon request and provide packaging design and logistics services.
We are servicing our clients from the headquarters in Budapest and our production site in Győr. Our manufacturing plants with state-of-art technology extend to 3,700 nm. Our operations are supported by some 2,500 nm covered storage capacity. We use only renewable energy in our production site in Budapest. We are working together with 70 colleagues. The logistics services are performed with wholly-owned transport vehicle fleet. We have outstanding amount of constant stocks in our warehouses.

Royalpack is a member of StancPack Group which allows for us to provide complex packaging products and services to our partners through the combination of corrugated paper, corrugated plastics and wood. Royalpack may directly serve its clients’ requests in connection with industrial packaging products of corrugated paper and corrugated plastics through the assistance of its intra-group affiliated company StancPack.

We are proud that our clients include well-known multinational and Hungarian companies from all over the country and the region.

Please visit our intra-group affiliated company StancPack if you are looking for corrugated paper or corrugated plastics industrial packaging solutions!