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Royalpack faipari szolgáltatások


Owing to the industrial improvements of the last decades and the wide- ranging possibility of delivery, the role of the purveyances and shipments has been increased. So the logistics has demanded on the appearance of standard pallets and other wooden packaging solutions, which provide for faster and more assured delivery.
The Royalpack Packaging Ltd is managed after the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000. This quality management system monitors the purchasing of qualified raw material, the manufacturing process and the quality of the convenience product.

In the first place we process (pare, cut and assemble) wooden packing material, which are always treated with heat according to the international regulation ISPM 15.


PalletsMostly we manufacture special, individual pallets. Furthermore we produce also extra- sized pallets and box bases from every wooden material, plywood panel, OSB panel, untreated (unpainted) wood and timber.

Pallet Collars

Pallet CollarsOur pallet collars are made of fir wood, are hinged on the corners, so they can fold flat when not in use. They can be utilized in any warehouse racking system where pallets can be set in. The stackable pallet collars, which can be provided with 4 or 6 galvanized hinges, mean long- term solutions in the delivery process and as useful partners of the returnable pallets are able to fulfil your needs even for 10 years.


BoxesOur company supplies a wide range of OSB, plywood and wooden boxes in individual sizes and formation with regard to the costumers’ specific needs. The size, proportion and closability of the boxes can be varied after the costumers’ wishes and are proper for the long- life packaging both of light and heavy, valuable or even dangerous transports.


As far as the stability and structure of the products are concerned our racks bear similarity with our boxes and are always manufactured according to the costumers’ demands.

Inner Fixation

We also implement stabilisation solutions and wedges in our boxes and pallets in order to ensure that your product arrives in an unchanged quality to its target destination. Make sure you entrust us with the packaging of your sensitive and fragile goods, hence we apply – besides the fixation- so called ‘Shock watches’ to reduce the risk of damages during the transport. When the packaging is subjected to specific and extreme mishandling, the ‘Shock Watch’ gets red, creating a permanent and immediate indication of mishandling.

Transport boxes

Transport boxes Our transportation boxes are meant primarily for packaging of heavy goods and commodities related to the machine industry. These containers are packaging solutions movable by crane and developed for international transportation.

Pellet production

Pellet production In the heating technology the utilization of the wood pellets is gaining in importance. The so called ‘liquid wood’ is made by compressing sawdust into pellets, which are combusted in the pellet boilers, what has considerably less impact on environment, since it actually recycles waste wood. Hence the moisture content of the pellets is not exceeding 10 %, its efficiency is superior to the firewood, so its emission value-owing to the controlled firing- is much more less than in the case of the nowadays traditional heating technologies. If you are prepared for switching to this innovative product, please ask for our price quotation.

Our partners know it, too!

The Royalpack Packaging Ltd aspires to supply perfect services of a European level for its international and local partners for 10 years, which is honoured by the “Best supplier of 2007” Award bestowed by the Grundfos Ltd.

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