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Royalpack faipari szolgáltatások

Construction of a wood pellet- manufacturing facility at the Royalpack Packaging Ltd.


The Royalpack Packaging Ltd has handed in its application to the Institute responsible for the Operative Development in Central Hungary in July, 2010, which has been accepted and advised for further financing on the 5th of January, 2011.

Name of the application:
Construction of a wood pellet- manufacturing facility at the Royalpack Packaging Ltd.


The Objective
Since a considerable – 25 %- increase of the products manufactured by the Royalpack Packaging Ltd is expected, it has became inevitable to take the establishment of a wood drying chamber and a wood yard complex into consideration. From the wood off cuts left over during the production wood pellet will be made to pursue a bilateral objective: it supports the heating of the drying chamber and gets sold as recycled energy source.


The trilateral objective of the project:

  1. The heating of the drying chambers with the wood pellet produced from the wood off cuts. With this solution a considerable cost- cutting measurement is carried through which also ensures an important advantage over the main competitors.
  2. Selling the leftover pellet opens new opportunities and sets new targets in the innovative segment of the DIN products.
  3. Extension of the Drying chamber and the wood yard in order to handle the wood according to the high expectation of the market. Since the number of the suppliers has escalated in the last few years, it has become essential to ensure an appropriate storage capacity.

The Promotion
For the whole investment of ca EUR 760.000,- the Royalpack Packaging Ltd has got supported by the Institute of the Operative Development of Central Hungary with a EUR 189.220,- not refundable promotion. The implemention of the project will be completed till the 30th of July, 2011 according to the plan.

Participating Bodies

Administrative authority Agency for national development – 1077 Budapest, Wesselenyi str. 20- 22.;

Supporting organization
PRO Regio Közép- Magyarországi Regionális Fejlesztési és Szolgáltató Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. – 1146 Budapest, Hermina Str. 17.;
Tel.: +36 1 471 8959

ROYALPACK Packaging Ltd - 1172 Budapest, Lokátor Str. 11
Tel./ Fax: +36 1 256 5908 - –

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The Royalpack Packaging Ltd aspires to supply perfect services of a European level for its international and local partners for 10 years, which is honoured by the “Best supplier of 2007” Award bestowed by the Grundfos Ltd.

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