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Environment policy

RoyalPack umweltpolitik
Environment policy

Protecting our environment is our basic duty! Especially since Hungary became EU member state, we have to face a growing demand for solutions to protect our micro, - and macroenvironment. The Royalpack Packaging Ltd knows it and strives to make its strategical decisions in this spirit.

Our company’s environmental politics is reflected and sensible on every level of the enterprise. As absolute follower of the sustainable improvement, the Royalpack strives to reduce every basic idea of this project into the practice and set into the production.

Our company utilises solely unhandled materials, which do not go through any chemical treatments. Neither the raw material, nor the manufactured article is polished, handled or painted, so the emission value is equal zero on our both plants. Furthermore there is no corrosive waste or dust produced during the manufacturing and assembling process, hence we do not perform any polishing activity.

 In order to constrain the amount of waste wood, we have optimized the input of the materials considering our product range and opened new perspectives in the waste wood recycling. Our Budapest- based manufacturing plant implements a completely renewable energy source – the pellet boiler- for the heating and the hot water generation both of the mill and the offices. The waste wood is ground and mixed with the residual sawdust and is compressed into pellets. Hence the moisture content of the pellets is not exceeding 10 %, its efficiency is superior to the firewood, so its exhaust emission -owing to the controlled firing- is much more less than in the case of the nowadays traditional heating technologies.

As a result of these our company strives to produce considering the ecological and social aspects and live in harmony with our environment.

„Take care of the earth- it wasn't inherited from our fathers, but borrowed from our children.”

Our partners know it, too!

The Royalpack Packaging Ltd aspires to supply perfect services of a European level for its international and local partners for 10 years, which is honoured by the “Best supplier of 2007” Award bestowed by the Grundfos Ltd.

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